Supporting and Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses

February 9, 2023 Chloë Faulkner

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month to commemorate the vibrant history and culture of Black people. This year, please consider taking your support a step further by exploring opportunities to support Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders in your community or online.

Your support of Black-owned businesses has many tangible benefits that are often overlooked. These businesses strengthen their local economies by creating jobs and generating revenue for other companies in their communities. They enhance their communities' vibrancy and diversity and help address disparities within many industries. Black-owned businesses are part of the backbone of society. That’s why it's important for us all to keep supporting Black entrepreneurs and business owners—not just during Black History Month but all year long.

One of my personal favorite Black-owned businesses is Beauty Bakerie. As a makeup and skincare fanatic, I have loved Beauty Bakerie for years—their branding, their products, and the fact that they are passionate about using high-quality ingredients. For example, as someone with Celiac, I know how gluten can sneak into cosmetics and beauty products, so the fact that many of their products are gluten-free means a lot to me. If you want to learn more (or go shopping), click on the link above. I recommend their setting powder, concealer, and all their lip products. (Pssst! Valentine’s Day is coming up—if your special someone likes makeup, get them a Lip Whip and thank me later!)

I asked my fellow Blanchard colleagues what some of their favorite Black-owned businesses are and why they love them. Here’s what they had to share:

From Aiyana Freeman

The Write Juice Truck: I love it because each of their drinks has a fun name and everything is healthy. The truck's owner caters events in my area, and her goal is to give everyone access to healthier options.

Sip Wine & Beer: This Black-women-owned business sells varieties of Black-owned wine and appetizers. They have hosted several events in our community, one of which I was a part of. The customer service is great and I enjoy seeing options that stores don’t always have.

From Ashley Vevoda 

Skyler McCurine, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones: Skyler is a longtime friend who has worked as a coach, trainer, and public speaker. Her focus as a financial advisor is advocating for access to inclusive financial advisory and wealth building for all.

Sarah Bacerra, Founder of Trailblazing in Color: Sarah works as a coach, peer advisor, and community advocate for historically underrepresented leaders.

From Kayla Ratz

Freedom Creators Co.: I absolutely love the products at Freedom Creators Co (FCC). Talisa’s business checks every box when it comes to buying for my family. FCC is local to my area but offers online orders for individuals (free shipping over $40) and wholesale for small businesses to carry their products (skin and hair care, candles, herbal teas). Each product is cruelty-free, natural, and fair trade, and they smell great. The company uses reusable and sustainable materials—and the packaging is pretty, too! FCC also gives back 5% of its profits every month to Born Like Others.

From Cristy Griffith

Book Worm Bookstore: This is a Black-owned, woman-owned bookstore with a small-town feel. The owner, a children’s book author herself, advocates for children’s books featuring beautiful, brown-skinned characters. The world is in desperate need of children’s books featuring brown-skinned characters—I didn’t realize how few actually exist until I had my own children.  

From Laurel Wang

Tabitha Brown content in all its forms (videos, books, cookware, recipes): Tabitha Brown is truly an inspiration and has the sweetest personality. She also is known for her great quotes. My favorite is “Have the most amazing day—but even if you can’t, don’t you dare go messing up nobody else’s.”

From Sarah Kelly

Simply Savvy Sistaz candles & bath products: The owner/mother created this company with her two daughters—one is a student of my sister. They make amazing candles and other products and are just amazing women! 

From Martha Lawrence

Madison Shockley, Minister: Madison is brilliant and has done so much for our community. You can read about Madison here:

From Leslie Allen

Bright Black Candles: They have so many wonderful combinations that are earthy and gender-neutral, and they use their candles to tell positive narratives about Blackness. Their first collection is called “Diaspora” and honors cities. Another collection is called “Genres” and pays tribute to Black music. You can’t beat the quality. Love these!

So if you're looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month, supporting Black-owned businesses is one of the best—and please continue to support these businesses outside of February as well! We encourage you to learn more about Black-owned businesses in your community or online. Don’t forget to share your favorites on social media with the hashtag #BlackOwned.



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