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  • Blanchard Leadership Coach Certification Program2:11

    Blanchard Leadership Coach Certification Program

    As an experienced coach, you help your clients overcome myriad challenges on their paths to personal growth and career satisfaction. To do so, you’ve honed your active listening skills so you can ask

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  • Blanchard Building Trust VR Simulation1:22

    Blanchard Building Trust VR Simulation

    Trust is at the heart of every relationship and is especially critical in the workplace. In fact, the primary factor affecting employee turnover is whether or not the employee and their manager develo

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  • Essential Motivators™ Promo Trailer0:59

    Essential Motivators™ Promo Trailer

    Essential Motivators teaches an easy-to-apply system that can be delivered in your organization as an online experience or as part of a learning journey design. Learn more about how this program helps

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  • 2023 HR and L&D Trends Survey Report1:05

    2023 HR and L&D Trends Survey Report

    Creating an engaging employee experience in an online or hybrid work environment has been a struggle for many of us. We surveyed over 700 HR and L&D professionals representing all levels from organiza

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  • 2022 Manager Challenges Research Results2:59

    2022 Manager Challenges Research Results

    What are the top challenges facing today's managers? What are the realities they're facing? What's getting in their way? What can organizations do to improve the environment? These are just some of th

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  • Essential Leadership Principles2:58

    Essential Leadership Principles

    Effective leadership comes down to implementing everyday, commonsense practices to help organizations thrive—and yet so many leaders are still missing these fundamental principles from their personal

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  • Blanchard’s Leadership Point of View2:09

    Blanchard’s Leadership Point of View

    Today’s leaders balance relationships and results under great pressure, making difficult decisions every day. When leaders are clear on their leadership values and principles, they can make tough trad

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  • Kenbot™ for SLII®1:58

    Kenbot™ for SLII®

    Blanchard’s chatbot helps learners apply and master leadership skills taught in SLII by providing quick access to common questions.

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  • Blanchard’s Building Trust VR Simulation1:12

    Blanchard’s Building Trust VR Simulation

    Virtual reality is one of the most impactful learning modalities. Blanchard’s Building Trust VR Simulation allows individuals to turn their knowledge into skills by practicing in life-like conversatio

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  • Blanchard Virtual Keynotes Overview1:08

    Blanchard Virtual Keynotes Overview

    Blanchard Virtual Keynotes are a convenient and cost-effective way to plant the seeds of change and transformation inside your organization. Virtual Keynotes are available to complement all of Blanch

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  • Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level1:09

    Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

    Delivered through an alliance between the Knauss School of Business at the University of San Diego and The Ken Blanchard Companies, the Master's in Executive Leadership is designed for established and

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  • Latest Leadership Resources0:56

    Latest Leadership Resources

    Get our newest webinars, podcasts, and research delivered to your inbox.

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  • Conversational Capacity® Promo Trailer1:21

    Conversational Capacity® Promo Trailer

    View the trailer of the teaching video used in Blanchard's Conversational Capacity training program. Conversational Capacity® teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue wh

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  • A Look Inside the Conversational Capacity® Program1:35

    A Look Inside the Conversational Capacity® Program

    Learn more about Blanchard's Conversational Capacity training program that helps people engage in open, balanced, nondefensive dialogue about difficult subjects and in challenging circumstances.

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  • Leading People Through Change Promo Trailer1:35

    Leading People Through Change Promo Trailer

    View the trailer of the teaching video used in The Ken Blanchard Companies' Leading People Through Change training program. For more Information on the program visit www.kenblanchard.com/Leading-Peo

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  • Leading Change Looks Like This4:01

    Leading Change Looks Like This

    How do you lead change? Grit, curiosity, agility, courage and so much more. Learn how community and business leaders like Father Gregory Boyle, Jack Ma, Daniel Barenboim, and Katherine Johnson overcam

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  • A Look Inside The Leading People Through Change Program1:33

    A Look Inside The Leading People Through Change Program

    Leading People Through Change® approaches change as an opportunity for high-involvement, collaborative leadership that invites all parties into the change process.

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  • Blanchard Virtual Learning Solutions2:34

    Blanchard Virtual Learning Solutions

    Virtual learning offers some significant advantages. Your learners don’t need to suspend their work in order to travel to a training site, and this means less loss of productivity.

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  • How Blanchard Can Help You Convert from Face-to-Face Training to Virtual Training0:54

    How Blanchard Can Help You Convert from Face-to-Face Training to Virtual Training

    Hear more about our Virtual Classroom experiences and how it can help you keep your leadership development imperative moving forward.

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  • Designing a Leadership Curriculum2:06

    Designing a Leadership Curriculum

    In creating a leadership development curriculum for clients, we look at the entire life-cycle of a leader to identify and provide the skills that are needed at each stage of development.

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