Introducing Blanchard Community: An Interview with Scott Blanchard

June 5, 2023 Vicki Stanford

The Blanchard Community is a peer network of working leaders and practitioners who are interested in deepening their leadership engagement and knowledge.

“It’s an interactive space for all of us to engage, connect, upskill, and learn from each other,” says Blanchard president, Scott Blanchard.

“The community exists to support and welcome everyone who appreciates a head and heart approach to leadership, where managers and direct reports work together to achieve organizational goals.”

As Blanchard explains, “We are all stronger together. The Blanchard Community dramatically increases our efforts to make the workplace a space where people feel valued and are inspired to learn and to grow.

“My biggest hope is that L&D and OD practitioners, trainers, coaches, and individual managers who have participated in a Blanchard event or development experience can build long and beneficial relationships through the Blanchard online community.”

Blanchard believes organizations must take a proactive approach to building a positive culture.

“It’s important for people to connect with other highly motivated professionals who are looking to improve their leadership skills and create dynamic learning experiences. It’s about bringing our passions together to create a strong organizational impact.”

While the vast majority of the content within the community is free, a special subscription offering is available that Blanchard believes will expand opportunities for smaller organizations to access high-quality learning experiences.

The new subscription offering is Propel by Blanchard.

“Propel by Blanchard is one of our newest offerings," says Blanchard. “It’s designed to deliver human-powered learning experiences that combine award-winning virtual learning experiences with real live experts. It’s about collaborating and working together with other learners.

“We know that learning, especially learning to be a leader, works best when it is a social endeavor. Propel by Blanchard offers access to the same premium quality resources normally found in high-end training designs, but packaged in a way that enables learners to create their own experience based on their needs.

“Propel by Blanchard allows us to reach the tens of millions of leaders around the world who are not part of a Fortune 500 organization but who still want and need the same high-impact learning experiences that are spaced, layered, and social.

“We believe every leader should have the opportunity to become a magnificent leader, and we believe everyone deserves to work for a great leader. Propel by Blanchard will play a huge role in making that happen.”

You can learn more about Propel by Blanchard at the Blanchard Community homepage.

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Vicki Stanford

Vicki Stanford is a marketing director for Blanchard®. She is the producer of the LeaderChat podcast and a contributing writer for the Ignite! newsletter.

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