Keep Pride Alive Year Round

June 27, 2023 Chloë Faulkner

I may be biased, but June is my favorite month. There is so much to celebrate: My birthday (it’s today!), summer solstice, and Pride! The Human Rights Campaign describes Pride in the most beautiful way, “Pride is a joyful celebration of all of the beautiful identities of our LGBTQ+ community. We create spaces where we can bring our whole selves to dance and march in the streets and declare: We are here. We are visible. We are proud!”

As a member of this wonderfully vibrant and resilient community, I am excited to share with you five ways that you can celebrate Pride in your workplace:

1. Get Your Swag On

I’m always an advocate for more is more, especially when it comes to swag. Most of my Pride décor is a year-round occasion, and I think it’s one of the best ways to celebrate. Also, it lets other people in the community feel included and is a subtle way to show that you are a safe space. Add some color to your workspace by decorating it with flags, stickers, magnets, posters, and more.  Decorate your lanyard with some colorful pins. Show off your pride with a t-shirt. The options go on and on.

2. Dive Into LGBTQ+ Documentaries and Books

There is an ever-growing number of films and books about the LGBTQ+ community that are both informative and entertaining. Enjoy them on your own or organize a screening or book club at your workplace. This helps to educate people, provide representation, and inspire change. Some of the most notable documentaries include Paris is Burning, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, and A Secret Love.

3. Host or Attend a Pride Event

If your workplace doesn't already have an employee Pride event, ask HR about arranging one. It's a great opportunity for you to learn from the community, ask questions, and celebrate.

Here are some engaging ideas for events:

  • Pride Trivia—A great way to have fun and learn about LGBTQ+ history
  • Virtual Lunch & Learn—Create a respectful space for people to share their stories and answer questions without judgment.
  • Silent Disco—Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Host a silent disco featuring queer artists and bands.

Also, many cities host Pride parades and events during the months of June and July. Plan on attending Pride with some of your favorite colleagues!

4. Follow LGBTQ+ Organizations on Social Media

There are many organizations that share informative and educational content on social media. You can follow them to stay up to date on the latest news and issues facing the community. Some of my personal favorite organizations include GLAAD, Lambda Legal, The Trevor Project, and Human Rights Campaign.

5. Be a Safe Space

By far the best way to celebrate Pride month in the workplace is by continuing to foster growth and inclusivity. Talk to your HR department about what is being done to create a safe space for your LGBTQ+ employees. Providing resources such as LGBTQ+-friendly benefits, counseling services, and support groups are excellent ways to make steps towards greater inclusion.

As June comes to a close, it’s important to remember to keep Pride alive year round. Continuing the conversation of how companies can make their workplace and culture more LGBTQ+ friendly is how we create actual change.

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Chloë Faulkner

Chloë Faulkner is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Blanchard®. She is an experienced content creator who brings her expertise on the relationship between culture and media to her role.

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