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What Leaders Need to Know About Generational Differences in the Workplace

Work–life balance has long been a credo for those who advocate change in the workplace. Although the concept has led to a certain amount of reform over the years, it has failed to meet a universal need. One of the competing values of work–life balance is that it suggests an artificial dichotomy between work and life. For many, this means when work ends at 5:00 p.m., life begins. Conversely, life ends at 9:00 a.m. and work begins.

It is no wonder Millennials like Nawal—a bubbly, happy-go-lucky, can-do woman—seek a different style of work. Nawal is a human resources professional at LinkedIn, but she’s abandoned that title and instead goes by either LinkedIn cheerleader, new-hire soccer mom, or sometimes resident morale captain. But just because she’s moving away from conventions doesn’t mean Nawal isn’t committed to her job, organization, and—most important—the people she works with and supports. In fact, it’s the opposite.

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