Managing Effectively During Change with Judd Hoekstra

In this podcast you’ll hear Judd Hoekstra, coauthor of Who Killed Change, explain why up to 70 percent of change efforts fail. Research indicates there are several predictive reasons why change fails, and Hoekstra explains how to navigate through the process successfully. He also describes three of the five stages of concern that people experience during a change initiative.

  • The need for information is the first stage of concern. People want to know exactly what is changing and why. It is important to develop a communication plan to keep people informed during this stage.
  • People will also have personal concerns. They need to know how the change will affect them personally and they need to be able to express feelings and ask questions.
  • Another important concern people have is around implementation. They want to be sure they understand plans and strategies for moving forward.

Hoekstra explains that a change initiative requires everyone’s discretionary effort. People have to support the change while they are doing their regular jobs. Clear, comprehensive communication from leaders as they guide staff through the stages of concern will make for a successful change experience.

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