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A Leadership Imperative for the Oil and Gas Industry

Tightening the Connection That Optimizes Safety and Productivity

Leadership’s choices and the quality of these choices have a tremendous impact on safety and productivity at both the individual and organizational level. Of equal importance to leaders is the clarification of the core leadership values and principles that can have a positive connection to improving the systems and processes that lead to a safe working environment. Committed and skillful leadership drives not only safety and productivity but it also enhances employee development and engagement, thereby influencing the quality of decisions direct reports make in any given situation.

The imperative to safely produce oil and gas is at an all-time high across the globe.By challenging themselves to think of safety and productivity as harmonious and simultaneous concepts that enhance each other, leaders may find that they are able to optimize both. This white paper offers a solution and point of view for utilizing leadership as a catalyst for optimizing safety and productivity while engaging everyone in the process.

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