Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson, PhD, is a Consulting Partner for Blanchard®. Her consulting and delivery styles focus on meeting the needs of her clients through a very considered and thoughtful emphasis on adult learning and real-world application. Since joining Blanchard, Nicole’s focus has been on helping individual contributors and leaders at all levels use the SLII® framework to enhance their performance and establish high-quality relationships.

  • Confronting Workplace Ostracism

    Confronting Workplace Ostracism

    Being diligent in uncovering the causes of potential exclusion can help organizations stop behaviors and actions that fuel workplace ostracism says Dr. Nicole Johnson.

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  • Leadership and the In-Group/Out-Group Phenomenon

    Leadership and the In-Group/Out-Group Phenomenon

    The in-group/out-group phenomenon extends far past the people you pick to be on your team says leadership expert Dr. Nicole Johnson.

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  • Overcoming Unconscious Biases

    Overcoming Unconscious Biases

    Inclusive leadership depends on seeing events, situations, and most of all people objectively. Dr. Nicole Johnson shares two common biases and how to address.

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