Developing Self Leaders—A Competitive Advantage for Organizations

The Mindset and Skillset of a Self Leader

Individual contributors are the silent majority of your organization. Yet sadly, while they are the most crucial part of the organization’s workforce, they’re a woefully underused resource. Rarely do they receive the training they need to reach their full potential. Performance in organizations is often stalled because employees don’t know how to ask for what they need when they need it.

People armed with the skills of self-leadership feel more positive about themselves and their jobs. They also have the characteristics of employee work passion: they perform at higher levels, endorse the organization positively, have higher levels of autonomy and competence, and are more likely to remain with the organization. When people become empowered self leaders, they’re proactive self-starters who look for ways to make your organization flourish.

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Is a Lack of Self Leadership Derailing Your Organization?
Is a Lack of Self Leadership Derailing Your Organization?

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